Athletics Leinster to sponsor Men's 100

Morton Games is delighted to have received the support of Athletics leinster who will sponsor the men's 100 at this year's meet. The 100 has traditionally been one of the highlights of Morton Games bringing in the past to Santry world class athletes of the calibre of Yohan Blake (JAM) in 2015 and in recent years Jeff Demps (USA) and last year's 100 winner Sean McLean (USA). At this relatively early stage although the fields are still being gathered in the organisers are confident that last year's winner will be back to defend his title on August 21.

It is anticipated that once again there will be up to 20 athletes competing in the men's 100 meaning that Morton Games will open with two semifinals and then the final at around 8 PM. The meet director expressed his gratitude to Athletics Leinster for coming on board in 2019 saying: ‘we are delighted to have received the support and endorsement of Athletics.Leinster. Not only does this mean that we can continue to bring the best sprinters to Dublin but to have the support of yet another of our sport’s governing bodies adds enormously to the prestige of Morton Games’