Calling National 800 Men

In addition to the Men’s International 800 Morton Games will also include a National Men’s 800. This event is open to all national athletes. The suggested standard is an SB of 1.54, in the event of there being insufficient entries this standard will be loosened. To apply for a place simply email with your name, club, SB and PB Please ensure that your email contains an up to date email contact so that we can revert to you to confirm whether or not there is a place available in Morton Games.

In the event of there being insufficient entries overall then this race will be cancelled. A decision will

be made on this fourteen days prior to the Meet at the latest. Accordingly do not delay. Please

contact us now.

Do not miss out on your opportunity to race in this prestigious Meet before a large crowd in the

Morton Stadium with the added bonus of not only the Meet being livestreamed but also appearing

on live TV via FreeSports TV (Sky Ch: 429).