20x20 Junior Women`s Mile at Morton Games

Morton Games is delighted to support the 20 x 20 campaign to increase the participation and visibility of girls and women in Irish sport. Morton Games pledges that for the first time ever the 2019 Morton Games will include a junior women's mile.

Morton Games has always included a junior men's mile which has attracted some of Ireland's best up-and-coming young athletes, many of whom have gone on to represent Ireland at international level. Morton Games hopes that the junior women competing at this year’s Morton Games will follow suit. We are delighted to support this wonderful initiative as by all doing something we can give the gift of our wonderful sport to more girls. We look forward enormously to the 20x20 Junior Women’s Mile.

Junior women athletes interested in competing, suggested standard of sub 5 1500, please contact us mortongames@hotmail.com with your details: name, club, pb/sb.